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The GOAL of Glow in the Dark SPORTS is to reproduce.

The "end-in-view" so to speak, is to not only "glow" each time the athlete plays but to repeat the process, lighting the next person and seeing them "glow." Players, coaches and families give their "glow" away and see it "shine" on others. This creates an environment whereby players, because they've grown within a culture of sports that values being a positive influence, they in-turn become coaches replicating the same values and ideals.

Imagine that! Young players growing up surrounded by teammates & coaches with a perspective of making a difference, not being separate but participating, in a culture that has been known for the "every-person-for-themselves" mentality. Eventually, they become leaders and coaches - recreating the process with their own sport and their own team(s). This expands the influence (the "GLOW") to multiple teams in multiple sports.

Soon, lives are changed, a culture is changed and a future is changed!

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