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What is the "GLOW" of Glow in the Dark SPORTS, you may ask?

In the Bible, the word "glow" is used in three different ways:
1. in describing a projected aurora or luster that comes from jewels (Rev. 4:3),
2. in describing the shine and radiance that came from Moses face when he left the place where he met with God face to face (Ex 34:35) and,
3. in describing the light emitted from a fire or something hot (Isaiah. 4:5, Ezekiel 24:11, Job 18:5, Mark 14:54, Luke 22:56 & Rev. 1:15).

Even though many would group these together with one definition (an emission of light), which is true, I want to focus on the differences of expression in these three types of glowing and how it applies to young athletes and coaches in community sports.

First of all, we learn, from the first description, that a GLOW comes from jewels, precious stones; like jasper & emeralds, these are the things that are simply made by God. That's the first way that we GLOW, we simply live the way we were created, all of our natural-born skills, talents, personality & abilities are employed in our athletic presentation.

Next, what we learn from the second description is that we GLOW when we meet with God. When Moses met with God there was a transferrence of the light of God's glory to Moses, so much so that his face literally had a GLOW, shine or radiance to it. As we invest in a relationship with God, our lives will reflect His GLOW.

Lastly, the third set of verses describe a GLOW from a fire or something hot. When we allow the consuming fire of God to reside on the inside of us, we are like a lamp or a candle, it changes us, inspires us and transforms the world around us. We are motivated by God.

Simply put, athletes that recognize God's handiwork in their lives, maintain a fresh relationship with God and choose to receive God's Spirit, have a GLOW about them. This causes them to present themselves with an expression in sports that goes beyond well behaved players to individuals that purpose to make a difference in the sport and team they participate in.

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